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Increasing Lead Generation with Your Blog

Populating your blogs with content can often be an arduous task. Thinking of ideas and sticking to a constant blog schedule does take up a lot of time but it is definitely worth the effort. Having a well populated blog means that you have the perfect platform for lead generation.

You have put a lot of work into your blog and now it is time to obtain the benefits of this investment. We have strong methods for you to use in order to get the best lead generation possible.

If you have been struggling to get leads from your blog, we have a very useful guide to help with generating leads.

CTA Possibilities

CTA or Call To Action language is one of the easiest ways to grab attention. You can also use call to action buttons to drive people towards your goal. If you start thinking of your blogs as landing pages with a designated goal the call to action buttons will work very well.

Call to action buttons work better depending on the goal you want to achieve. If you want people to subscribe to newsletters, take surveys/ give feedback, downloading content. Even inviting people to a site tour you have got to create call to action buttons that work best depending on the aim.

Realising The Potential Of Your Blog Sooner Rather Than Later

Driving Videos To Conversions

The attention of web users is extremely short. When we think of how mobile internet browsing has increased and at the touch of our fingertips we can purchase any item we desire from any location. The importance of video content for driving conversions cannot be overstressed enough. Videos on your landing pages or blogs have been known to increase conversion rates by 80%.

Quick and Easy Is The Way to Go

The quality of your content is completely up to you. However there are some tried and tested ways to make your blog posts fast, easy, engaging and fun to read. Firstly, go for a font size that is easy to read so between 14-16. Use small paragraphs and bullet points to clearly outline your message. Lastly, use catchy titles that are going to get people to read your blogs. The content also needs to be interesting enough and relevant to keep an audience on the page long enough to create strong lead generation.

Simple Effect Designs

Take your blog to a higher level by cutting back. A simple design is more effective when it comes to blogs than a complicated design. It is also a better way to help you convert visitors into subscribes and therefore increase lead generation in an easy way. Large navigation buttons with broad text can instantly inspire your audience to subscribe to newsletters or mailing lists.