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Digital Marketing Campaigns to see Big Changes in 2017

Your digital marketing campaigns are not something to fear about. As we know, 2016 gave us some tricky situations to deal with.

A lot has come to pass in the year of 2016. Whether it be unexpected political advances or finding out that The Chase has got an extra judge. We all think that it’s time for a fresh start.

So now we are looking on to 2017 with high hopes and big changes. When it comes to digital marketing we are all going to see some changes. These changes are not bad ones. As budgets for marketing begin to dwindle we have seen a few predictions that are going to help.

We have put together a list of the top tips that we have found to kick start your digital marketing campaigns.

Let’s go ahead and show you our predictions for 2017 digital marketing campaigns:

  1. Marketing Technology will become more accessible – Smaller companies and brands will have smaller resources that is a fact. However, with this in mind, smaller business are thinking of more innovative and accessible ways to reach their audience. So, their digital marketing campaigns will use less resources, take up less time and still reach a wide market. These are the campaigns to keep your eyes on.

Digital Marketing Campaigns to Bridge the Gap Between Online and Offline

  1. Connecting Offline and Online Campaigns – Marketing influencers are going to have the power to connect their online campaign and offline campaigns. In short, the campaigns will not only target online shopping but it will target real time shoppers as well. The online campaigns will push people to see a product online and buy the product in the physical store.
  2. Thinking more about your audience rather than your influencers – That’s right. No longer will companies be using  influencers who they think resemble their target audience. Business will be using influencer’s audiences and performance data to base a campaign off of that. This will mean that you will be reaching more of the audience that is likely to be your product rather than trying to get consumers based on an ideology.

Say Goodbye to Micromanaging

One of the most important things to take from these tips is to stop micromanaging. The aspects of 2017 digital marketing campaigns that we have listed above are based on fluidity. You have to be able to adapt to your audience. Not the other way around. You can’t change the audience you have built, you can expand it but you can’t force them into a demographic in which they don’t belong. So no more micromanaging for 2017. We are looking for honest, authentic, real campaigns.