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Company Productivity Levels are Low Due To Stress

Studies have shown, over the at few years, an increase of stress within the work place. This has been effecting company productivity all over the world. On average some full-time office workers will be answering 610 emails a week and working up 47 hours. Workers are finding it difficult to power down at work. Even when you get a lunch break, with emails being sent straight to our phones, there is no such thing as being off the clock.
This in turn has a knock on effect for productivity. If all the work you do just gets replaced with more work to do, it’s a never ending cycle. There’s keeping busy and then there is seeing no end in sight. Meaning productivity levels are at a massive low. A lot of companies that have the biggest motivational problems are the companies that do not communicate with there team.
It has been proven that teams that work co-operatively with their management and are listen to by their management have higher levels of productivity. It’s about building a level of trust between employer and employees. The biggest factor that has been reducing company productivity has been stress. So we have found key ways to boost company productivity.

Boosting Company Productivity in Simple Ways

Switch Places
First of all, Having the ability to feel empathy for fellow co workers will effect how you treat each other. Therefore, effecting the atmosphere in the office. Working in a generally hostile environment reduces company productivity by the bucket loads. Being able to put yourself in their situation and see things from different perspectives is what makes for good management.
People’s creativity is being suppressed. This is a fact we have known for years. Whilst art is still appreciated, and other such forms of creativity, creativity in the work place is not. A lot of the systems that are put in place in offices can often dull the creative senses. Some of the world’s largest companies give employees allotted time to be creative.
Being positive and happy can improve company productivity. Spreading positivity can improve engagement with work and in turn improve productivity in the company.