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Facebook ads are a really popular way of getting customers to return to your website. They can also increase product sales and help maintain connections with existing customers. Throughout this article, we will look at three of the most effective Facebook ads to keep your customers coming back.

  1. Lead Generation Ads

Lead generations ads are your easiest bet of getting email addresses and building mailing lists. Once people have signed up to the mailing lists you then have the opportunity to promote your products / services.

The most useful aspect of this ad is the fact that Facebook analyses the demographics and targets the people that are most likely to follow through on the lead.

  1. Dynamic Product Ads

DPA or Dynamic Product Ads are a fairly new thing to join Facebook’s platform. You may have seen some of the ads already on your Facebook. It is a very subtle marketing technique but a very effective one.

If you are logged into Facebook or even if you are not ads will appear when you login to your account from a website you have previously viewed. The ad works by connecting to your store product catalog with your Facebook ads account. The products that the consumer has been viewing on your website will also appear as an ad on their Facebook.

Facebook Ads Are Very Effective

Taking this information the ads become incredibly personalised. Here are just a few of the reasons as to why this ad will soon be your favourtie:

Personal – Although the description are the same for everyone, the ad is completely unique when it comes to its product and services. They will only advertise the products the potential client is interested in. Making them more engaging and more likely to follow through on a purchase.

Unlimited running time – With a lot of ads, as you may well know, they can be quite time consuming having to set up the ad and update them if you have a change in products or services. However, with this ad, you can set up the campaign and let it run for your hearts content. The ad will automatically update depending on the types of products that have been viewed.

Target Audience – Another added bonus to the DPA’s is the fact that you can target up to four different audience demographics.

  • viewed but not purchased
  • added to cart but not purchased
  • upsell products
  • cross-sell products

Based on the selections, the ad will automatically optimize for the target you desire. Giving you the best results possible.

  1. Abandoned Cart Ads

Nearly 70% of shoppers will abandon their cart. That is to say that for every 10 people who add products to their cart almost 7 of them will leave the website without purchasing anything.

Make The Effort With Your Facebook Ads

These ads are a chance to get those choppers back to your site and making a purchase. They work by re-targeting the individuals with a highly personalized Facebook ads. The ads will usually offer a discount on the products that they had in their basket/ cart.

A lot of people have found that sometimes a quirky image isn’t enough and so they have started to use short 30 second video to entice the customer. These people have found that the ads with videos have increased their purchases. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of extra time being out into your ads.

A customer can tell when an effort has been made and so by adding a video to the ad campaign, that can really boost your sales and traffic. It is also more likely to get shares and comments on social media.