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Boosting Online Sales Using Commercial Holidays

Some of these dates will benefit you more if your business is based in America. However, if you are an online business that ships to internationally you will be able to make a pretty penny if you time it right. In chronological order throughout the year we have compiled a list of 8 dates you can capitalize on.

Valentines Day – Feb 14th

Valentines day is one of the easiest days of the year to make money. If you have items that can be considered romantic now is your time to either have a sale or make your products more expensive. It all depends on how desirable the product is. If you know you have a product that a lot of people want and are willing to pay good money for it, then go ahead. However, if you have a product a lot of people want but you are aware your products are considered expensive to others. Now is the time for a sale. This will not only help you make money but will allow you to branch out into a demographic that would not normally shop from you.

Mother’s Day/ Mothering Sunday – March 11th

If you get your marketing right you could really hit the ground running with Mother’s Day. Again, you have to have a product that you know would be desirable. However, most products can be tailored to Mother’s Day with the right marketing and the right incentive. Restaurants and such places will often offer discounts for mothers on mothering Sunday.

Boosting Online Sales and Syncing Up Your Calendars

Father’s Day – June 17th

We can only offer the same advice for father’s day as we have on mother’s day. Get your marketing right and the traffic will come flowing in.

Buy British Day – October 1st

It was established in 2014 on the 3rd October. The idea was to encourage people to purchase products that had been manufactured in Britain. So if you are a British company you have a great opportunity of boosting your online sales.

Other Dates To Remember

24th November – Black Friday

27th November – Cyber Monday

2nd December – Small Business Saturday

Small business Saturday is the perfect way to get your business known. This day can be used for boosting online sales, but mostly it is a marketing tool to get yourself out there. Let people know who you are and what you do so that when another event comes around they know to look for you.

16th December – Free Shipping Day